Monday, December 1, 2014

An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Keep the Kids Busy During Christmas or Family Gatherings

Are you looking for a way to keep the kiddos busy during your festivities this year? This is an easy to setup, limited supervision, and budget friendly activity to keep the kids entertained not only during the Christmas Season but for any holiday or family gathering where there will be little ones. This is something my family has been doing for years and on Thanksgiving I even took part in the activity. I also incorporated the idea into my wedding reception earlier this year.

The kids coloring table is something that my children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren always look forward to on the holidays and during family gatherings. Just simply set aside an extra table that is exclusively for the kids and their coloring activities. It can be a dining room table, coffee table, card table, whatever it is that you have handy to set up their supplies and provide a surface for them to use while coloring or drawing.

 Gather all of the crayons and markers you have laying around the house and put them in decorative wicker baskets, plastic storage boxes, pencil boxes, or even plastic cups. 

*If you do not have these items at home check out your local dollar store as they often have crayons, markers, and storage options there for only $1 each. I did some research for you and also found that Walmart has a box of 24 Crayons for $1.86 and a box of 12 Washable Markers for $5.86. For the storage containers, Wicker baskets like these pictured can always be found in your local thrift shop for usually around $1 and Walmart has plastic pencil boxes for under a $1 as well. 

Visit your Public Library and check out a few How to Draw Books as pictured above. They are a great hit with all of the kids as well as a completely FREE option to help keep them entertained for some time.

These huge pieces of Packing Paper are a great source of entertainment for the kids who love to draw and color. I researched the best price for Packing Paper just for this blog post and found that Walmart had the best price for a package of 120 sheets for only $8.62. I have had this same box of Packing Paper for a few years now and we use the paper at all of our gatherings, including my wedding reception.

Below you will find FREE Printable Christmas Coloring Pages and a Placemats. The links to each will be below the pictures. These are always a big hit with the kids as well and once again completely FREE!

*If looking for FREE Printable Coloring Pages for other holidays or celebrations Google is the place to search for unlimited sources. I always search the images when it comes to these instead of the websites; it makes it a lot faster to find exactly what you are looking for.

I hope you found this budget and kid friendly activity helpful and that it keeps your little ones busy during not only your Christmas celebrations this year but during all of your celebrations throughout the years to come!


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