Monday, December 8, 2014

HELP Me Find Gifts For Under $25 For My Sister and Brother's Families...

Every year we buy gifts for the entire family instead of buying for each niece and nephew as the list keeps on growing. It is also supposed to be much easier on us but that is never the case for me. 

I search desperately every year for the perfect family gift for my brother, Ray's family and for my sister, Melissa's family BUT no matter how early I start my search these gifts are always last on my list to be checked off. You see we have all agreed to stick to a budget of $25 or less and that's where the problem lies for me at least.

I have given just about every age friendly game to their families that are sold and the gifts I have seen this year range from $100 to $500 some even more. I wish I had that kind of money to spend on their families but I don't and neither do they. 

I know my nieces and nephews are not wishing for one of these. Not to mention they cost over $150!

A toboggan would be great if we didn't live in the middle of a desert and it didn't cost nearly $200.

Great gift idea but it wouldn't be for the entire family as I would have to buy one for each niece and nephew not to mention their parents as well. Definitely too expensive because each is way more than $25 a piece.

Next on the list that popped up in my Google search was this fabulous XBox that I am sure they would love to receive but at $500 each I just better keep looking...

This looks like a ton of fun for both families but $60 is way above our budget and agreed price of $25. 

So I'm left asking all of you for some help this year...I would really like to make my Mom's tree look a little more like this... 

With all of our Christmas gifts for one another wrapped in different paper just waiting for each family to open them up.

So I need a great idea for a family of six where the youngest child is five and the oldest 12. I also need a great family gift idea for a family of four where the youngest child is twelve and the oldest 18. I sure hope someone out there can give me some much needed help!

I Beg Of You Pretty, Pretty Please Come Help Me!

I don't mind at all even making something as each year I make them a new Christmas Ornament for their tree. As long as the craft is relatively easy I should be alright. Even fun family activity gift cards are welcome ideas...the drive-in movies has already been done along with a netflix subscription with a box full of treats. 

Thank you to all who have read this but please I beg of you...leave me a comment with your suggestion pretty, pretty please!