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My 100th Blog Post ~ 7 Facts About Me

~ Woo Hoo This Is #100 For Me ~

In honor of this being my 100th blog post I have decided to share with all of you 7 Facts About Me. I got the idea after after Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom was nominated to share seven things about herself in one of those fun games spreading across the blogosphere in which you then nominate seven people to do the same. Well Jennifer decided to leave it up to her reader's whether to participate or not instead of only picking seven of them. I really enjoyed getting to know her better and since I was looking for something fun to do for my 100th post thought maybe all of you would like to get to know me a little better too.

The problem I ran into was that it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to come up with seven facts about myself. I found that I had been pondering the whole thing for hours but getting absolutely nowhere. I finally decided to ask my husband, Kenny, to help me and I also called my friend, Rebecca to ask for her thoughts on the subject at hand. So thanks to their awesome help I am now ready to share seven things you probably didn't know about me.

1. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of lizards...

I have an irrational fear of lizards and geckos, the kind that just roam around freely all over the place here in Arizona. No matter how many times people laugh at me and inform me that they couldn't and wouldn't hurt me it still doesn't stop me from being so scared that I can't even move when I see one, I just completely freeze and often cry because I am so terrified. Every summer at least once a month, without fail, one of those horribly creepy things decides to just hang out on one of my atrium windows and I completely FREAK. The kids and my husband just stand there and laugh at me...I must admit that I would do the same if I were in there shoes. ;-) Just looking at the picture below is completely FREAKING me out right now! 

2. I wrote a book...

During the summer of 2008, I wrote a "tween" novel entitled 'Gia's Journey.' My sister, Melissa, is an amazing artist and has agreed to do the artwork for the book, which makes it even more special to me! The story is of an orphan girl named Gia who discovers she is actually an Elfin Princess. She and her fairy friend, Ciri, set out on a BIG adventure to find Terra della Folletto, where Gia is originally from, to try and find out what happened to her parents. 

I have long finished writing the book and it has even been copyrighted, the only thing left to do is the final editing but you see that is where the problem lies. I am completely lost as to what to do with it after that or where to even go from if anyone has any suggestions or tips they can offer me here it would be so very much appreciated. I am wanting to self-publish or at least that's what I think I want to do, but I would love to hear from all of you.

3. I am shy and somewhat of an introvert...

Believe it or not I am rather shy and have introvert tendencies. This is a something that most people do not know about me as I have learned to hide it pretty well. But in a social situation where there are a lot of people, especially ones I do not know I am filled with anxiety and extremely quiet...all things that have been perceived as me being stuck-up throughout my life. But once I am comfortable after getting to know people I am a real chatterbox and quite the social butterfly in a room filled with friends. I once read somewhere that most writers tend to be introverts for they communicate better through their writing than they do in "real" life. Which has always made perfect sense to me! 

4. My Dream Place To Live Would Be...

If I could live anywhere in the world it wouldn't really matter to me as long as the location had a beautiful beach. You see I was born in New Jersey and we lived on the Jersey Shore and up until I was just about six years old we spent nearly every day at the beach as we were surrounded by it and then we moved away. We would go back to visit family and my love for the beach and the ocean just grew. I even lived right off of the Puget Sound in Washington State on two separate occasions years apart. The ocean/beach is the only place I have ever felt truly at peace. And for some time now that has been my retirement dream, to move back to the beach.

5. I am an organizational freak with OCD...

For me EVERYTHING has to be neat and organized as I am a perfectionist when it comes to many things. My famous saying around my house is, "Everything has a place so put it back in that space!" In the pantry all of the cans, boxes, jars, spices, etc. absolutely MUST be facing the same way all organized and neat, especially with there being clear windows for everyone to see. I find myself having to "adjust" everything almost constantly and it is not only an annoyance to me but my family as well. Don't even get me started with loading the dishwasher properly. lol

Another thing I do on a regular basis occurs after I write out a list, I ALWAYS have to go back and rewrite the list in a more organized manner. For example my grocery list. I will write down everything we need then once it is complete I go back and rewrite the entire list so that the items are organized in the way the grocery store is laid out and how I ALWAYS make my way down the aisles. Absolutely crazy right?

6. I have become very forgetful...

This is why I am always making lists and have reminder sticky notes posted everywhere around this place. I have a calendar just for Welcome to My Circus, one just for Avon, one hanging in the kitchen for Dr. appointments and such, and one by the garage for the kids chores and appointments. (We can thank my OCD for all of that.) These may seem like extreme measures but like I said I am extremely organized and this helps to ensure I don't forget a thing because if it isn't written down on a list, sticky note, calendar, or entered into my phone it is guaranteed to be forgotten as my memory only gets worse thanks to the RSD.

7. I fulfilled my childhood dream...

For as long as I can remember all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a reporter. It didn't matter if it was a broadcast journalist or a newspaper reporter and for awhile there I even wanted to write for the National Geographic Magazine. After attending college full-time as an adult, with two toddlers at home, I finally received my degree in Journalism and lived that dream. I was hired at the local newspaper as a reporter and a columnist even before I finished my schooling. That was all before our economy crashed and the industry was forever changed by technology. But I am so very proud and thankful that I was able to fulfill this dream, for I know not all of us are afforded such a luxury.

Well that is the end of the 7 facts you probably didn't know about me. I have decided to stick with Jennifer's randomness and let you, the readers, decide whether or not you want to participate and if you do please let me know so I can pop over and read it. 

I would really like to learn more about all of you so I would absolutely love it if you would please leave me a comment with an unknown fact about yourself...


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