Thursday, April 17, 2014

Seriously, a parking ticket for parking in my're kidding right?!?

I have lived in my house for about four years now and the driveways are shorter than most driveways in this neighborhood as my home builder was different from the rest of the homes a few blocks away.  The driveways are so short that even if a VW Bug parked in my driveway it would hang over the sidewalk. 

I have been parking in the driveway for four years now and my neighbor in her driveway for nine years now and a huge surprise to us we both were ticketed for parking on a sidewalk.  I wouldn't be complaining if I received a ticket for something I actually did wrong but to get a ticket for something I can't control is beyond me.  Isn't a driveway there for the purpose of parking and why should I be ticketed for being innocent in the making of the driveway?

I was just going to pay the $32 fine and be done with it but it's the wrong thing to do.  We shouldn't have to pay fines for a driveway that is too short and we can't avoid.
I mean these houses were built in1979 and I sure didn't design them.  If I would have designed them actual cars would be able to park in them.  Why now after 35 years does the city have a problem with our parking situation?

My neighbor was told we would have to hire an attorney and take it up with the city. That doesn't seem fair either.  So we have sent in written requests for a court date so we can argue our innocence.

I was left asking what do I pay property taxes for...well apparently on Wednesday it was so a police officer with nothing better to do could write innocent law abiding citizens parking tickets for circumstances beyond their control. 

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