Friday, October 3, 2014

Mommy Reality Challenge #20 ~ Something I Can't Get Rid Of...

This week's Mommy Reality Challenge was not a difficult one for me at all.  You see last year my now husband, Kenny, moved into my house and we wound up with A LOT of "extras."  It is not that I can't get rid of the items for sentimental reasons, well except that wedding dress hanging up in the background.  In all reality though I want all of it GONE! I want my crafting area back and would like to FINALLY park in my garage again.  The problem is that I want to donate everything and Kenny wants to have, "Just one more garage sale weekend." embarrassed but here is the picture.

Believe it or not last October we were able to park both my Pathfinder and Kenny's Cadillac in this very same garage.  I'm giving him one, and only one, LAST garage sale weekend but he is doing all the work because whatever is left over WILL be donated this time!!!!  Even if I have to donate it while he is at work!

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