Friday, June 27, 2014

Seriously, I Asked For A Court Date Not A Bigger Fine...

Back in April I wrote two blog posts about how my neighbor and I received parking tickets for doing nothing more than parking in our driveways. Well, we both checked the box on the back of our tickets requesting a court date. What we received two months later were not court dates but instead bills for five times the amount of the original $32 fine. Are you even kidding me?!?

After a few phone calls and a letter to the clerk of the court via fax, I FINALLY have a court date on July 24. I am more than prepared to plead my case, as I have at least a dozen pictures of neighbors parked in their driveways hanging out on the sidewalks. I even have several of the idiot on the corner who parks right in front of the stop sign.

I even went so far as to measure the length of my driveway and took pictures of it as well. My driveway is a mere 13 feet long and my Pathfinder measures just over 18 feet in length.

No one else has been ticketed and they continue to park the way we were parked. All I can say is that they better throw my ticket out of court; and while they are doing that they better re-think making our subdivision an exception to their new sidewalk law.

Like I stated in April, these homes were built in 1979...that was 35 years ago! Why should we all of a sudden be punished for the poor planning and design of the homebuilder back then? This is something that is truly out of our control...our vehicles do not fit in our driveways and that is not our faults.

I'm done ranting and raving about it now...unless they make me pay a fine in July that is!

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