Saturday, March 1, 2014

Don’t Answer the Door EVER…

     All of our friends and family members know to call or text before coming over for two reasons.  First we can’t always hear the doorbell from our bedroom.  Second the lady that lives next door is crazy. We’re talking Coo Coo for
Cocoa Puffs kind of crazy. 

      We barely woke up this morning and someone is ringing the doorbell and pounding on our door frantically.  Next we hear them banging on our garage door.  Kenny and I look at each other in shock trying to figure out who in their right mind could be making all this noise and wanting us to open the door.
      I sent a text to a few friends and family members and nope none of them were at our door.  Finally Kenny gets up, because I wasn’t going to, and goes to the front door.  Considering he’s not fully dressed he opens it just a crack.  A couple of kids on the other side say, “Lysa your dogs got out.” Kenny thanks them and lets the dogs inside.
      A short while later there’s the doorbell and knocking again.  Kenny goes to the door and quickly returns telling me that there is a police officer at the door and that the officer needs to see our dogs.  I’m thinking are you kidding me?!?!  So I carry the puppy to the front door and the officer says, “I need to see the puppy.”  So I open the security door, he looks at her and says, “Well she doesn’t look skinny to me.  Where is the other dog I was told it was limping?”
      “Just a moment sir,” I replied.
      I walked down the hall, grabbed Torque’s leash, and called his name.   When he came to me I put his leash on his collar and led him to the front door.  He walked out the door and the officer said, “I don’t see him limping.  Both dogs look healthy to me.  I’ll call her back and tell her that they are perfectly fine and healthy.”
      I thanked the officer and locked up both doors.  Furious over what had just happened I went back to my room to find Kenny.  We began discussing how in the world the wood fencing was knocked down allowing the dogs out of our yard.  We had a storm but nothing that powerful.  Then it clicked in my head, the officer said her.

      It had to have been the crazy lady next door because Thursday night she knocked on the door and asked to speak to me.  I reluctantly went to the door.  She began complaining about my dogs barking.  I told her I’d bring them inside just to get her to shut up and go away.  As she turned to walk away I realized that it was her dogs barking not mine so I said very loudly, “I’ll keep my dogs quiet when you keep your dogs quiet.”  With that I shut the door and allowed my dogs to stay outside.   I thought I had the last word until this morning.

©2014 Lysa Wilds