Thursday, February 20, 2014

Racing the Moon


 One of my favorite memories with my son were when he was four to six years old.  I would be driving him to his Daddy’s house in the evenings and without fail he always found the moon.  He instantly became my co-pilot!  “Mommy we’re beating the moon!” he’d cheer. “Go faster go faster!” Then I would turn a corner and Dustin would yell, “Oh man, the moon is beating us. Faster Mommy Faster.  We have to beat the moon.” 
     His excitement got me excited and for those 30 minute drives in my piece of crap Volkswagen Rabbit, I thought we have to beat the moon we just have to.  After the first time we raced the moon I knew we would always win but I never once let on because it was our exciting game.

     A few unnecessary turns to make him think the moon had a chance then we pulled into the driveway with the moon behind us and victory was ours!  My son and I felt on top of the world because we BEAT THE MOON! Try and top that awesome race to the finish line Dale Earnhardt Jr.!  

©2014 Lysa Wilds