Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mommy Reality #21: Scare Us

This was the only creepy/scary thing I could come up with for this challenge.  My daughter took this picture of Kenny in front of our front door while doing yard work.  We took several pictures after to make sure it wasn't the camera on my phone but those have long disappeared. There is no explanation for the foggy mist around him as we do not have fog in the Phoenix-Metro area.  He was not smoking a cigarette and if you look close enough there is even an orb in the picture.  It scared Brooklynn and I so much that we started to tear up. Of course the only thing Kenny noticed

Not Again…

Back in March I wrote the blog post Don’t Answer the Door EVER about my crazy neighbor.  About a month later she started talking to me again when we both received parking tickets while parked in our driveways.  It is not like we are best friends or anything but briefly chat if we see one another out front.  Well, here we are six months later and she has gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Friday, October 17, 2014

Word of the Week ~ 10/17/2014

My Word of the Week is:

It should say my word of the past two weeks to be exact.  The changing weather brings changes to my body and the RSD in my feet and the cooling temperatures are not dear friends by any means, but it seems worse this year but it's probably just me.  So unable to walk or bear much weight on either of my feet along with the neurological problems I slept for almost two weeks straight!  I refer to it as my body shutting down for that is how I feel when this occurs.

Well, yesterday I woke up early with my husband and chatted with him as he got ready for work, paid a few bills, caught up on some of my social media stuff, and to my amazement stayed awake and somewhat coherent for the entire day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Silent Ones...

Just imagine if you were being abused by your partner and police officers as well as the judicial system would not take you or your claims seriously.  At times even laughing at you or accusing you of being the abuser.  Without shelters to turn to, and very limited access to resources for help.  Well, when most people think of domestic violence

Friday, October 3, 2014

Word of the Week 10/3/14

My word of the week is:

With four birthday celebrations in my family this week there was no other word that came to mind as the week was unusually uneventful.  

The birthday party celebrations kicked off on Saturday when my sister, Melissa, and my niece, (By way of foreign exchange student from Sweden living with my sister and brother-in-law.) Signe, held their milestone birthday parties together.  The BIG 40 and the tender age of 18!  What a blessing to celebrate both with them.  Signe was surprised by her host parents with a

Mommy Reality Challenge #20 ~ Something I Can't Get Rid Of...

This week's Mommy Reality Challenge was not a difficult one for me at all.  You see last year my now husband, Kenny, moved into my house and we wound up with A LOT of "extras."  It is not that I can't get rid of the items for sentimental reasons, well except that wedding dress hanging up in the background.  In all reality though I want all of it GONE! I want my crafting area back and would like to FINALLY park in my garage again.  The problem is that I want to donate everything and Kenny wants to have, "Just one more garage sale weekend." embarrassed but here is the picture.

Believe it or not last October we were able to park both my Pathfinder and Kenny's Cadillac in this very same garage.  I'm giving him one, and only one, LAST garage sale weekend but he is doing all the work because whatever is left over WILL be donated this time!!!!  Even if I have to donate it while he is at work!

Make sure you check out this week's Mommy Reality Challenge and don't be shy, participate for we now have two weeks instead of one to post our pictures AND they are having a great giveaway this time!  You can find the rules and all of the other great pictures being linked up at these blog websites:


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

What if it was happening to someone you love…

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month which was first observed in October 1987.  It is a crucial time set aside to raise as well as create awareness, educate the communities around us, and help stop domestic violence.  After 27 years of creating and raising awareness domestic violence continues to be a silent epidemic here in America.  It is an issue that should and must be considered and focused on throughout the year not only in the month of October.

As a survivor of severe physical domestic violence raising and creating awareness alongside educating others is not only close to my heart but so desperately needed.  Take for instance the ignoring and silence that recently took place within the NFL when faced with domestic violence incidents.  (Since January 2000, 77 NFL players were involved in 85 domestic violence incidents.)  After the occurrences that took place recently Commissioner Roger Goodell announced their new policies on domestic violence validating their pledge to end domestic violence after controversy was created and people began to question the league.

This blog post is not about the NFL and the mixed messages they sent in the wake of the recent situations.  It was a perfect example of how, many people still turn their heads when domestic violence issues arise.  Unfortunately, we cannot create controversy with every individual who still believes it is not their business or just remains silent, not doing anything to help the victim, into seeing the error of their ways.  What we can do is create awareness, educate, and provide statistics so more people realize the toll domestic violence inflicts onto the victims and how serious the epidemic truly is in the United States.

            The next time you find yourself in a small group of people, look around you and think of these statistics:

  • One in four men and one in three women have experienced some form of domestic violence in their lifetime.
  • One in seven men and one in five women have experienced SEVERE physical domestic violence in their lifetime.
  • Nearly 20 people per minute are victims of physical domestic violence, on average, in the United States.  This equals more than 10 million men and women within one year alone.
  • One man and three women are murdered by their partner every day, on average, in America.
  • Nearly three out of four Americans personally know someone who has been abused by a partner.

Those are some startling statistics are they not?  Now you know why it is referred to as an epidemic here in the United States.  Oh, and part of the reason it is called silent is because the majority of abuse goes unreported to police officers and other officials.  The other reasons are due to outsiders not “Speaking Up” and the fact that men are less likely to report or talk about being abused because they are not taken seriously.

Wondering how to identify someone being abused?  Well, there are telltale signs and symptoms of domestic violence.  Click the link to read them all > WarningSigns!  If you witness any of the warning signs in a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance please take them very seriously!  It is so very important to “Speak Up” if you suspect someone you know is being abused.  Remember that by expressing your concern it will let the other person know that you care and it might just save his or hers life. 

Make sure that you DO ask if something is wrong, express concern, listen and validate, offer help, and support his or her's decisions.  But whatever you do, DO NOT wait for them to come to you, judge or blame, pressure him or her, give advice, and most definitely DO NOT place conditions on your support.

So for those who know abuse is occurring but still believe it is not their business and remain silent, I am here to say it IS everyone’s business!  Just think what if it was happening to someone you loved?  Would you remain silent then?  My hope is that you would not keep quiet and that you would privately talk to your loved one.  That you would offer to help and support them unconditionally while making a plan for their safe escape.

In an emergency situation where you fear for your life/safety or that of another do not hesitate to call 911 immediately.  Below is a list of Domestic Violence Hotlines both here in America and internationally as well.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

               *They are there to provide confidential and anonymous support to victims, friends, and family.

The National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline1-866-331-9474

 American Domestic Violence Crisis Line (Americans living overseas)
3300 NW 185th #133, Portland, OR 97229
Phone 1-866-879-6636, Website 

 Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre (Australia)

 Hot Peach Pages - Worldwide List of Agencies Against Domestic Violence

 UNIFEM, United Nations Development for Women

 Women's Aid (United Kingdom)

 Women's Link Worldwide (Western Europe and Latin America)

 Statistics and facts for this blog post came from the following sources:

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Network to End Domestic Violence

American Psychological Association


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