Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not Again…

Back in March I wrote the blog post Don’t Answer the Door EVER about my crazy neighbor.  About a month later she started talking to me again when we both received parking tickets while parked in our driveways.  It is not like we are best friends or anything but briefly chat if we see one another out front.  Well, here we are six months later and she has gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs
yet again.

Kenny and I were startled awake the other morning around three o’clock to someone ringing the doorbell over and over while banging on the security door for more than five minutes.  Then there was banging on both of my daughters’ bedroom windows, thankfully they were at their Dad’s house.  We immediately checked our cell phones because whoever it was seemed frantic, but no new texts or missed calls.  We remained in bed because we didn’t have a clue as to who it could possibly be, well except the crazy neighbor as Kenny pointed out.  To be honest it really freaked us out!  We laid there discussing how crazily, insane it was and how we couldn’t believe it was really happening, but we were both awake so we knew it wasn’t a dream either.

(not really her just an image I found)

Well it happened again the very next night.  This time Kenny went to look through the peep hole in the front door to see who could possibly be doing this.  Unfortunately, by the time he reached the door no one was there.  So he looked out the front window and to his surprise the crazy lady next door was standing at the end of our walkway starting towards our front door he watched her for a few minutes then walked back into our bedroom.  We chose not to go outside because neither of us wanted to deal with whatever craziness she was wanting to discuss with us at an inappropriate time.  We now knew Kenny’s hunch the night before was indeed correct as she is the only person crazy enough to do such a thing and this time we confirmed it!

Every time she comes to the door it is for the most bizarre and craziest reasons.  Like a year ago when I informed her that I had purchased the materials to construct a new fence between our backyards.  After all, she said, “Just let me know when you are ready and I will pay for half of it.”  Well after telling her we were ready she said she wouldn’t have her half until November due to property taxes.  I told her I understood and it was fine and handed her a copy of the receipt.


A day or two later while Kenny and his friend were building the fence and I was out shopping for my wedding gown she came over accusing the guys of hammering a nail into her stucco wall because she could “hear the stucco inside the wall falling.”  Of course they had not nailed anything to her stucco wall and she was waiting for me when I got home with my dress and began yelling at me.  My mother was in shock and got out of the van to see what her problem was this time.  We both told her to deal with Kenny as we walked inside to hide my dress.

A few weeks later she caught the four of is in our open garage now claiming that the guys ruined the stucco on the bottom of that same wall.  I was so angry at this new ploy to get out of paying for her half of the fence.  The wall in question, that can only be seen from my backyard, has been deteriorated and the wires rusted since I moved in May 2010.  When I told her that she went crazy and I raised my voice and in a stern matter told her to quit coming to my house with her crazy stories to get out of paying for the fence.  I must have frightened her for a change as she scurried away without another word spoken.

She has even come over to my house to ask me what to do about the neighbors on the other side of her.  I have had my share of problems with them as have other neighbors.  I have even stuck up for crazy when the 20 somethings that live there with their parents have verbally attacked and threatened her.  One time she even asked me to help her adult daughter learn how to act like a lady…I am dead serious!!!!

(not me or my dogs just an image I found)

Either she is really bored and loves creating drama or she really is crazy just like her daughter has told me on several occasions.  Either way we are sneaking in and out of our house trying despertely to avoid her.  I’m sure she will catch us this weekend as we have a lot going on.  Once she does catch up with us I’m sure it will make for another good blog post. 

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