Friday, October 17, 2014

Word of the Week ~ 10/17/2014

My Word of the Week is:

It should say my word of the past two weeks to be exact.  The changing weather brings changes to my body and the RSD in my feet and the cooling temperatures are not dear friends by any means, but it seems worse this year but it's probably just me.  So unable to walk or bear much weight on either of my feet along with the neurological problems I slept for almost two weeks straight!  I refer to it as my body shutting down for that is how I feel when this occurs.

Well, yesterday I woke up early with my husband and chatted with him as he got ready for work, paid a few bills, caught up on some of my social media stuff, and to my amazement stayed awake and somewhat coherent for the entire day!  I was still in bed but it definitely lifted my spirits to say the least.  This morning I woke a little later in just enough time to kiss my husband before he left for work.  The pain and fogginess have significantly decreased since yesterday so the LAST thing I want to see today is my bed!  

Therefore I have set up camp in the Lazy Boy recliner in my living room today and each hour that has passed I feel a little more like me again.  I'm a little sleepy but hanging in there.  I just can't wait to get out of the house now and see what kind of trouble I can get into! ; )

Happy Sweetest Day a day early and I hope you enjoy your weekend!  What is your Word of the Week?  Link up and read all the other great posts at #WotW

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