Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mommy Reality #21: Scare Us

This was the only creepy/scary thing I could come up with for this challenge.  My daughter took this picture of Kenny in front of our front door while doing yard work.  We took several pictures after to make sure it wasn't the camera on my phone but those have long disappeared. There is no explanation for the foggy mist around him as we do not have fog in the Phoenix-Metro area.  He was not smoking a cigarette and if you look close enough there is even an orb in the picture.  It scared Brooklynn and I so much that we started to tear up. Of course the only thing Kenny noticed at first was how scary his bald spot was becoming.

The next morning when Kelsey arrived home after a sleep over Brooklynn told her all about it and she made me show her the picture. Then the two of them ran out of the house and REFUSED to come back inside until I "cleansed" the house like they do on the ghost shows. Having nothing to even pretend to do that I called my Mom who is only a few blocks away and sent the girls over there.

About 30 minutes later my girls returned with an incense.  They told me it was frankincense and that their Grannie said if it was good enough for Jesus it should be good enough to make the ghosts leave.  So here the three of us were walking around the house with the lit incense. Kelsey decides we all need to be "cleansed" also so when she started waving the frankincense smoke around me I pretended to be possessed and I scared her so bad that she spit out the licorice in her mouth and ran through the house and out the garage door while Brooklynn and I laughed hysterically.

It took me about 30 minutes and one of my dear friends from childhood who just happened to be driving by to convince them there weren't ghosts in our house.  I even did a search online to prove to them that no one has ever died in our house before.  After an hour total they came inside but only if they could lay on my bedroom floor and watch Frozen while I watched my shows, oh and the bedroom door had to be locked. I should not have pretended to be possessed but it was absolutely hilar and I could not resist!  I know better for the next time something bizarre and creepy occurs.

© 2014 Lysa Wilds 

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