Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My "Blonde" Problems

Welcome to the first edition of My "Blonde" Problems.  Now before you all start hating on me I must admit that I am a natural blonde.  I colored my hair black several years ago because I wanted to be taken more seriously.  As you can probably tell from that statement alone, as soon as I open my mouth to speak I tend to ruin the fa├žade almost immediately!  These problems that I speak of are the type of problems that only happen to me...or so it seems.  If you are a blonde too, you can probably agree.  Here are my most recent "blonde" problems:

"Blonde" Problem #1

Last week I was online planning a little adventure for the following weekend for my husband and me.  Seems fairly simple right?  Not so much so I found out last night.  I reserved a rental car for us to pick up this Friday, November 7, knowing full well that pre-paying for it would not only save us some money but that it also meant the money was non-refundable.  Well last night, four nights later, I discovered a major Blonde “Problem” when I read the confirmation email closer.

To my horror I somehow reserved the rental car for Halloween evening instead of the following Friday.
  Well, we obviously didn’t pick up the rental car Halloween night as we had no intention of doing so to begin with.  Now I was really panicking and disgusted in myself for losing $70 on a goof up on dates.  I told my husband not to worry about it and that I’m sure it happens all the time and that I would take care of it.

Now I’m in a panic because I have to call these people and basically admit that I am THE dingiest blonde they have ever dealt with and pray they will laugh with or even at me and help me fix this quandary I have wound up in.  If I were a millionaire I probably would never tell my husband and just pay for another rental car.  So here goes nothing…going to make that dreaded call…

"Blonde" Problem #2

We own two desk staplers and one staple gun, bear with me here, and while doing tax paperwork for one of our businesses last night found both of my desk staplers completely out of staples.  No I didn’t use the staple gun, come on people I am actually pretty smart, it’s the common sense that eludes me every time.  I went into the desk drawer that we keep the staples in to only find myself in the midst of an hour long dilemma shortly after.

All of the staples had dumped out onto the bottom of the desk drawer of course and I didn’t see the box for at least 30 of those 60 minutes.  My problem was that all of the staples I found were either WAY too BIG for either stapler or WAY too SMALL for them as well.  I felt like I was having a Goldilocks nightmare for a minute.  Puzzled by this odd phenomenon I took the WAY too BIG staples to see if they fit in the staple gun but nope still not a match.  The WAY too SMALL ones were tossed into the garbage immediately upon finding them.

I kept picking up staples and attempting to fit them into the staplers with no luck all the while mumbling to myself, “How does something like this even happen.  It just doesn’t make any sense.”  Then in the WAY back of the drawer I found a small, unopened box of staples and thought these have to work right?  Yes, they fit in one of the staplers but not the other…I was so perplexed by this dilemma that I refused to give up until I found staples for the still empty stapler. 

Needless to say but this was not an easy task as I was still sorting through the mess of mismatched staples on the bottom of the desk drawer.  Finally at last, I found the “Just Right” staples for the “Just Right” stapler.  My husband by this point was laughing at me as I was truly confused.  Then of course came the “Dumb Blonde” question of the year…”Why do they even make different size staples anyway?” 

After the question left my lips I couldn’t stop laughing and called my friend Rebecca to ask her if she thought a weekly blog post called My "Blonde" Problems was now in order?  We agreed that I do so many ridiculously dingy things that it was an absolute MUST!  So, every Tuesday tune in right here to Welcome to My Circus where you will find my most recent "Blonde Problems."  I hope you will laugh along with me, as I laugh at myself and the problems that seem to only happen to me!



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