Sunday, November 9, 2014

Laundered Behind…

When it comes to my children it seems nothing is ever accomplished without a prank being pulled first, an accident occurring, or just plain procrastination being good old number one!  So I should have been surprised when my daughter, Brooklynn, was actually making progress while cleaning her room, as it was definitely too good to be true.  Then it happened…after a short while had passed I heard her scream, “HELP!”

As I rushed towards her room to see what all the commotion was about we met in the hallway just outside where I found her little behind stuck in the dirty clothes hamper.  Believing it was just another ploy to get out of cleaning I laughed as I told her to get back into her room and to quit goofing off.  As I began to walk away she yelled out for me as she fell to the floor.  She was honestly stuck inside the hamper as her sister and friend were trying to free her from it with no such luck.  Still thinking she was fooling around I told the other girls to watch out as I gave it a try with a big tug.

I tried and tried, while laughing really, really hard, to get her unstuck.  But the hamper would not budge no matter how hard I pulled on it.  She began to complain that it was starting to hurt so I did what any good Mom would do and I grabbed my cell phone to capture the priceless picture below.  As I began to laugh harder and out of control I went looking for my husband, Kenny, to ask if he would come save the poor child from her predicament.  As I explained through the laughter, “You just have to come see!”

After Kenny tugged only a few quick times she was finally set free from the stench of the dirty clothes beneath her.  All out of breathe she exclaimed, “Why do these things always happen to me?”  We all shook our heads as we laughed with, but mostly at, her then even harder as she let out a HUGE sigh of relief.

Just when I thought we were done with the hamper as I had seen enough of it that day, I found it peeking out at me from behind some shelves in the garage.  Apparently, Miss Brooklynn had enough of it as well as she had to be the one who had put it there as she knew I would not let her just get rid of it.  Hamper in hand I questioned her as to why she had hid it in the garage and just about died when I heard her say, “Man, that thing is dangerous for a child!”

That was not the end of it either you see a few days later the hamper from my bedroom disappeared.  After searching the house I soon found all of my clothes dumped inside of HER hamper in front of the washing machine.  Just a tiny bit amused I yelled towards her room with a giggle, “The least you could have done was wash them for me!”  Quickly, the sound of my daughters’ giggles filled the hallway as I gave up and placed my “new” hamper back in its place and mumbled, “Kids!” to myself under my breathe.

It is times like these that have led me to believe my life is seriously just like a circus…but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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