Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Photo Shoot Just For Me…

My sister, Melissa’s Facebook status reads:  “I did a photo shoot for my sister…just because she is beautiful!  Here are a few of my favorites…”  Although incredibly sweet the truth is that the photo shoot we did Monday afternoon saved me from the depressed state in which I was becoming accustomed to these days.  It forced me to do away with the bun on top of my head and actually style my hair and apply my make-up to my face for the first time in over a month.  It also forced me out of my “comfy” lounging around the house clothes and into a nice sweater and some jeans.  It also gave me a reason to leave the house for once during the day.

I must admit I felt a little uncomfortable and insecure in front of the camera as I have gained some weight.  But after the first few shots and my sister saying things like, “You are so photogenic!” and “The camera just loves you Lysa!” I felt the dark clouds of depression starting to leave as memories from the past when I did some modeling professionally crossed my mind.

Slowly, I let go of my insecurities and allowed myself to pose freely instead of the stiff and rigid way I had posed when we first began.  For the first time in what seemed like forever I felt beautiful and a lot more like me.  It did help, I must confess, that a perfect stranger complimented me on how she thought my hair was beautiful.  Before I knew it the depression and anxiety were quickly replaced with giggles, blushing, and a heartfelt conversation with my amazing sissy.

Melissa directed me through different locations and poses amongst the beautiful and historic Sahuaro Ranch Park which was founded way back in 1886.  As one of the valley’s oldest and most magnificent ranches, the 17-acre historic area features 13 original buildings, a beautiful rose garden, a barnyard, as well as fabulous historic orchards.  It was the perfect choice for our photo shoot filled with so many ready to use backdrops and props which we found along our way.  An almost magical place where with a great imagination the possibilities are endless.

Throughout this post I have featured Melissa’s favs from her Facebook Album entitled, “Beautiful Lysa.”  Below you will find here first, the never before seen shots from that spirit lifting day, this past Monday:

Thank you Melissa for all that you do and all that you are to me.  I wish everyone was lucky enough to have a sister like you.  Without you in my life I often wonder where I would be!


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