Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's for Breakfast Mom?

Mommy Reality #22

So you want to know what I eat for breakfast...are you sure???  Well, I have never been a breakfast person so when I do eat breakfast it is usually ice cream with cereal sprinkled over it.  I know...HORRIBLE isn't it?  I, on occassion, let the girls eat the same thing.  I figure you need your dairy with your cereal so why not.  My Mom use to let my sister and I eat ice cream for breakfast with Rice Crispies sprinkled over the top!  YUMMY!

We do however have a breakfast tradition that we have been doing for about six or seven years now and the kids absolutely LOVE it.  Once a week I drag my behind out of bed early so I can begin Waffle Wednesday!  It is a fun middle of the week pick me up for all of us.  We go all out too, with whipped cream, cherries, chocolate, anything you fancy on your waffle I make sure to have just for this special day.  As Mom's we all know that mornings are a mad dash to get the kids out the door to school so on the mornings when we just don't have the time we have the waffles for dinner instead.

My Mom started the tradition with my girls when I worked the night shift.  When I would pick them up on Wednesday mornings we would all eat waffles together for some good old fashioned girl bonding time.  Once I began working normal human hours again I kept the tradition up in our own home.  They are only kids once so I make it a point to ensure there are lots of special memories and traditions for them to later carry on with their own families.


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