Wednesday, July 30, 2014

~How I Met My Husband~

One evening in late March or early April of 2013, a friend called and asked me to go out with her.  I graciously declined because I was having a bad day, but after a few minutes she was able to talk me into going with her.  Now the mad dash to shower and do my hair and make-up was on.  I must have tried on more than ten different outfits before I was satisfied with how I looked.

I hopped into my truck and I drove over to her house.  When I arrived she was still getting ready, so we chatted as she finished her make-up.  She asked if we could stop to see a friend of hers real quick at the bar on the corner because he was there in a pool tournament.  I figured why not and agreed we would stop by there.  Little did I know my entire life was about to change.

When we pulled up to the bar on the corner a man walked out the front and will silly, funny animations with his hands acted as if my truck lights were blinding him.  I quickly turned off my lights and I found this funny stranger to be incredibly handsome.  That shocked me because I had not dated in two years nor had I found anyone attractive in that period of time.  I just was not interested until now.

It turns out that this handsome man was her friend Kenny.  She introduced us to one another and we stood their while they talked for a brief moment.  She and I took seats at the bar in front of the video game and began playing games.  After a few minutes she went to talk to someone while I continued to play the games, all the while looking back at Kenny every few minutes only to catch him looking at me each time.

Finally, in what seemed like forever, he came over to talk to me.  He asked me where my friend went and I told him I was unsure maybe the bathroom.  We awkardly chatted for a few minutes and he walked away and a few minutes later he, too, disappeared.  Unable to find either one of them I made my way out to the smoking section.

That's when I began to feel uncomortable.  The man and woman our there were nice enough but very weird, I can deal with weird but it was too weird for my taste.  I finished my cigarette and decided to just go sit in my truck and wait.  To my surprise, Kenny and my friend were waiting for me there already thank God!

The two of them finished their conversation and Kenny asked me in a concerned and caring tone, "You did not give that jackass your number did you?"  He was referring to the man in the smoking area.  Without even thinking I blurted out, "NO!  But I would give it to you."  I completely shocked him because he actually said out loud, "Umm Umm Umm!"  The three of us laughed and he had to go so he said he would get my number from our friend.

We then went on our way to our destination and had a lot of fun.  My kept wandering off thinking about the mysterious Kenny I had met earlier.  I giggled more than a few times to myself because I could not believe I blurted that out to him.

The next day my friend called to let me know Kenny had asked her for my number.  We were both excited and she told me what a great guy he was.  Three very long days went by before he finally called me.  The conversation was short and awkward.  He called me everyday for about three days and the conversations were always short and awkward.  One of them ended with him saying, "You have a funny laugh."  Which left me wondering funny as in ha ha or funny as in I should not laugh anymore?

We finally decided to meet at my house one evening to have a cocktail and go from there.  We quickly discovered how much we had in common and how comfortable it was talking to one another.  Before we knew it, it was 3:00 am.  The hours that had just passed only seemed like minutes.  From that evening he never left except to go to work and on April 26, 2013, we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

A few months later on July 24, 2013, he asked me to marry him with the most stunning ring I have ever seen. Obviously, I said yes and on our one year anniversary April 26, 2014 we were married.  I finally found my Prince Charming and have only just begun to enjoy my Happily Ever After!  And to think I almost did not go out that night.

©2014 Lysa Wilds