Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another it could only happen to me story...What are the odds?

Remaining optimistic despite the horrific week I had last week definitely paid off BIG TIME.  It also proved to me, yet again, that if we change the way we look at things the things we look at will also change.  Monday morning could not have started out better even if I had planned it.  It all began with a shocking and emotional discovery.

I was up early with my husband and when he was about to leave for work I decided to get a jump start on my day and hopped online.  I was thinking I would get started on the social media marketing for this blog and my Avon business.  But, I was stopped dead in my tracks once I logged onto Facebook.  Waiting there for me was a REALLY big surprise.  The person whose friend request I had recently accepted was NOT my cousin’s wife after all. 

How did I figure this out so quickly after logging on?  Well, my cousin and his wife live in Florida and this lady just commented on one of my posts stating that she lived in Pennsylvania.  At first it freaked me out that I accepted a complete stranger’s friend request.  Then, a few seconds later I realized that this could only mean one thing.  Could that even be possible though?

My investigative reporter instincts kicked into high gear as I began to stalk her Facebook page.  There was nothing in the about me section which had me worried so I went to her wall.  I discovered that she plays a few games, shared a few funny posts on her wall, etc.  Finally I came across an actual post from her and it was a post about my beloved New York Giants.  So I commented with my feelings on the topic, hoping to start a conversation.

Lo and behold, she comments almost immediately.  We talked about the Giants and the game on Sunday.  Then the next comment from her was, “Did your Dad call you yet?”  Let me tell you the tears began to flow and did not stop for hours.  I instant messaged my sister and cousin not knowing what to do, because yes I am a spaz like that, but neither one of them responded for a while.  So we began to chat back and forth and I suggested we talk via instant message instead.

The only thing it could be that I mentioned before was that she was my Father’s wife.  I have been trying to find him for the past few years.  I recently wrote a letter to him and sent it to his last known address.  He must have received the letter since this was indeed his wife.  I did not go on blind faith she offered information validating who she was.  Only someone who read my letter could have said the things she did. 

Cindy, my stepmother, and I continued to talk for hours via instant messaging and she asked for my email address so she could send me a picture.  Even more proof, that was definitely my Dad, 21 years older but without a doubt him!  We chatted Monday morning for about four hours then on and off throughout the day until it was time for her to leave work.

After that experience I just had to try and call my Dad again that night.  I was closer to him than I have been in 21 years.  I definitely was not giving up now.  I finally worked up the nerve to call but I only got his voicemail again, as soon as I heard the voice I knew it was him and both times I called I found comfort in hearing it.  As I was leaving a message I started to cry when I said, “I love you Dad and need you in my life.”

Backing up just a little here to 21 years ago, July 1993 to be exact, to the first time I saw my Dad again, the last time was when I was five years old.  Even though it had been 16 years it almost felt as if no time had passed.  He was just as awesome as he was back then.  Unfortunately, neither one of us were really good at keeping in touch nor can I remember the last time I talked to him.  Okay, going back to 2014 now.

My Dad and I 
July 5, 1993

The next morning, Tuesday, I received an email from Cindy with an apology about my Dad not answering the phone the night before and some very hopeful news that cheered me up.  At this point I am believing she was a gift from God because she is helping me not feel rejected and most likely helping him figure out how to respond to me.  I am still in shock!

On Wednesday morning I sent her the first email this time wishing her a happy hump day and to let her know she is appreciated!  She responded with a little story about a conversation she had with my Dad the night before.  I am pleased to end this blog post by saying he will be calling me on Friday evening.  I don’t think I will be able to sleep until then because I feel like a kid on the Eve of Christmas Eve!

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