Friday, September 19, 2014

What Makes You Happy?

~ Tag and I Was It ~

I was tagged by Morgan over at Shaking Away The Cobwebs.  We met a few months back when she commented on one of my blogs.  I, in turn, began reading her blogs.  I truly enjoy reading them because at the end of the day no matter which country you live in we all face the same challenges as Mom's or Mum's as Morgan would say.   I am also enjoying getting to know my new friend in another country. Click on the link above so you can also get to know her and love her Mum blogs as I do!  

Now, I have three questions to answer and it was not as easy as I first thought it would be.  In two categories there were too many things to choose from so I made a list of the first ten things that came to my mind.  Then I narrowed it down by how happy each item made me.  After that it was pretty easy to write about each item and this is what I came up with...

~ Who Makes You Happy ~

  • My Amazing Husband ~ His picture ^^^^^^ He is the kindest, sweetest, most amazingly loving man I have ever known.  He is THE love of my life, my best friend, everything to me, and I do not know what I would do without him!!!!

    • My Children ~ All four of my children are the lights of my life and bring me more joy than I can even begin to touch on here.  Each is unique and have talents all their own.  I treasure the memories I have of each them as well as those that we continue to make.

      • My Family ~ My parents, sister, brother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews...when we get together, usually once a month, we are always laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  Also, my aunt and cousin in Florida bring me happiness on a daily basis via Facebook!

        • My Friends ~ I have a few close friends with whom I laugh with as often as I can.  Some are real life friends and some are online friends.  Usually we are laughing at ourselves, but isn't that what all good friends do?

        ~ What Makes You Happy ~

        • Pretty Pink Sparkly Things ~ Above is a small example ^^^^^^^ I love EVERYTHING Pink!!!! If they sell it in Pink I will buy it just because it is Pink and also because my husband will not touch it if it is Pink!  It is my "signature" color, or so I have been told. 

          • My Writing ~ Writing fills my soul with joy, it is my temporary escape from the rest of the world, even if for just a short period of time.  Writing has made me feel this way ever since I was a child.  I was one of the lucky ones who fulfilled their dreams when I was a journalist for a local newspaper.  No other job will ever compare!

            • Presents~ I mean don't presents make EVERYONE happy????  

              • Music ~ I have always loved music because whenever I am down or just in need of some motivation, I turn on the radio and am instantly happier and/or motivated.  I really love it when my girls sing and dance around the house with me...I cannot dance anymore but I hope you get the picture!

              ~ Where Makes You Happy ~ 

              • The Beach ~ I think it is mostly due to the fact that I was born on the Jersey Shore and pretty much lived on the beach as a child, but I am just drawn to it.  I have been known to drive to California just to be near it.  I lived in Washington State, by the water twice; once was even on an island!  Not completely sure what it is but the beach is definitely my top "Happy Where!"

                • In My Husband's Arms ~ No matter what is going on in my world, when I am in my husband's arms everything feels perfect to me and it makes me oh so happy knowing he is mine!  

                  • My Office ~ Let me re-word that, my soon to be office or office in progress.  It is just for me, my private little space to hide away from the world and write until my heart is content.  Oh, and there is that business thing that will also take place in there.  Getting closer to completion and I cannot wait!!!!

                  ~ Tag You Are It ~

                  Now it is my turn to tag another blogger and I have chosen Jen over at JENerally Informed.  I met Jen through the Mommy Reality Challenge she and Celeste host every week on their blogs.  I look forward to every Friday morning when the new challenge is revealed and the past week's winner is announced.  I have been awarded runner-up twice, unexpectedly I might add. 

                  One look at the home page for her blog and it is clear to see she has something for everyone there.  Once a week her husband, known as Jensguy, writes his Man Day Posts with a wide range of topics.  My favorites from Jensguy are his "techie" posts about blogging and other technical issues/topics. 

                  Jen is not only one of the BEST bloggers I have come across but she is an amazing, caring, loving, and funny person as well.  I often wonder, in amazement, how she does it ALL!  I now consider her my friend and she is one of my blogs biggest supporter's.  Definitely click on the link to discover, in my opinion, blogger heaven at JENerally Informed. 

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