Friday, January 24, 2014

My New Guard Dog

Several months ago my fiance Kenny and I adopted a Bull Terrier from someone I've known since I was a kid.  I didn't doubt her word, not even for a second that he got along with cats. After all, there he was getting along with her cats when we went to meet him for the first time. I still just wasn't convinced that this tough looking dog was going to like my Elli.
     Having rescued my cat Elli when he was only a  month old I was terrified when my imagination ran far far away, as it often does, with the idea of Torque chasing poor Elli through my house breaking everything in their path.  The horrific images of cat fur flying through the air or Torque using Elli as a chew toy almost made me say no.      
     Once meeting Torque though I fell in love with him immediately and I absolutely had to have him no matter what Kenny said.  So when we brought him home to meet Elli I took a deep breath, a Xanax, and prayed for the best.  Much to my surprise everything went amazingly well for the first few days.  Torque didn't even seem to notice Elli and vise versa.     
     Then it happened!  We were lying in bed half asleep and Torque all of a sudden started barking like crazy. Fearing the absolute worst, my imagination again, was someone breaking in our house or worse was he eating my kitty? We rushed into the living room to find Torque standing in the middle of the couch barking for us to come save him.  He was terrified of Elli! 
     I’m not even joking our 60 pound dog would not get off the couch because my 10 pound cat was standing in the middle of the floor.  Once my heart and mind stopped racing I chased the cat away and we could not stop laughing hysterically looking at each other in disbelief as Torque ran into our bedroom and refused to leave our bed or our sides for some time.    
      Today we still laugh every time we hear Torque bark because he only barks for two reasons and two reasons ONLY; He’s being chased around the house by the cat or we shut our bedroom door and left him on the other side.

©2014 Lysa Wilds