Monday, July 28, 2014

The Next Stop On The Virtual Blog Tour Is Here At Welcome To My Circus...

For the past few months the Virtual Blog Tour has been making its way through the world wide Blogosphere stopping at different blogs every Monday.  So today make your way into the Big Top Tent and check out my blog Welcome to My Circus but I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.  Laugh with me, or at me, and if you enjoy what you see please follow my blog.  

Who invited me on the Virtual Blog Tour...

Debbie Roberts ~ Deb's Random Writings

I was invited to join this Virtual Blog Tour by Debbie Roberts of Deb's Random Writings.  As a matter of fact Debbie was the first blogger I got to know and connected with.  Even though she is half a world away in Greece she has become a friend and one of my biggest supporters.  Debbie is someone I truly look up to for she is a talented writer and often shares great ideas while being very informative on a wide range of topics. So please hop on over to Greece by way of England to meet Debbie and her blog.

As a member of this tour I have been asked to answer four questions.  So grab yourself an ice cold beverage, some circus peanuts, and hurry to find a seat.  I hear those crazy clowns in their car which means the show is about to begin.

Presenting the Virtual Blog Tour's four questions in the center ring!

1.  What am I working on?

I have so many things going on right now that I feel like I am acting out every single role in the circus.  I wrote a "tween" novel in 2008 and am currently making the final editing changes.  I'm getting close to having the final proofread done so it can FINALLY get published.

I began blogging in January of this year and am still trying to figure things out.  From social media, to hosting my own blog, to making money from it, you name it I'm still trying to figure it out.  I write as much as possible, which I must admit I have been slacking lately.  Oh, and there is this little thing called a business that my husband and I just started. 

My life is seriously a Circus with all the above along with kids, dogs, a cat, a new husband, step-children, grandchildren, crazy neighbors, and my parents living only two blocks away from us; oh and this gigantic elephant called Elegantly Affordable Weddings AZ, our new business.  I need to work on a vacation!  Yes, that is what I need, no, I must work on next!

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

First we need to figure out what genre it belongs to.  If you know what genre it is please speak up nice and loud so I can hear you over the crowd, for I haven't a clue.

I believe my personality and sense of humor is what makes my blog different.  Each and every blog post is from my soul, is authentic, 100% true, and I think for the most part funny.  I try to find the humor in everything around me.  I write about my crazy life and things that happen to me and around me.  If it can or is going to happen  to anyone it will happen to me.

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

Writing is a part of my soul.  I began writing poems at a very young age and quickly discovered I was pretty good at it.  In high school I was on the newspaper staff and later majored in journalism in college.  From there I was a journalist and a columnist for several years and have regretted leaving that line of work but really I had no choice as the economy made that decision for me.

Without writing everyday I felt as if a part of me had died.  A year after leaving the newspaper I wrote my book Gia's Journey.  I also started the sequel but life got in the way and I stopped writing again.  I wrote poems here and there and kept a journal but something, yet again, was desperately missing.  

In January of this year I wrote my first blog post.  The more I wrote the more I felt alive again.  It's a form of soul therapy for me.  If I didn't write I would probably go insane.

The first time someone commented on my blog I was in shock...people were actually reading what I wrote! Still today, if I can only get one person to read my latest blog post it makes my day.

4.  How does your writing/creating process work?

It all begins when an idea or memory just pops out of thin air, or so it seems, or something bizarre happens to me.  I grab my mechanical pencil and notebook paper and away I go into another writing frenzy.  Once I get started the words flow from the pencil onto the page and the rest of the world fades quietly into the background.

Once I am done writing it all out on paper I then type it into my computer to share with the world.  I know it sounds crazy and old fashioned but that has always been the only process that works for me.  Well, with the exception of there being a typewriter involved before we had personal computers.

Now to end the show in the Big Top Tent, I would like to introduce you to the three bloggers I am inviting to join the Virtual Blog Tour journey.

I have known Melissa her whole life as she is my baby sister.  Her blog Welcome to my's a blessed place to be is the first blog I ever really read.  Her blog inspired me to start my own blog.  She writes about her very strong Christian faith, the trials and triumphs she has experienced throughout her life.  Her blog posts are inspiring and always lift my spirits.  I very highly recommend checking out her blog, you may be surprised how much you can relate to her blog posts and you too just might find inspiration you didn't realize you needed.

Morgan Prince of Shaking Away the Cobwebs

Morgan and I recently connected through a blog post I wrote.  I started following her blog as she began following mine.  She is a very busy lady as she is writing her first novel, is a very busy stay at home Mum, and does some Administrative work for her husband.  All while squeezing in time for her blog as well Shaking Away the Cobwebs.  I recommend checking out her blog as she writes a lot about what other Mom's (Mum's) can relate to.

Sharon Ruggieri of Sharon Mom's Madhouse

I met Sharon four years ago at a "mini" high school reunion.  She is married to a dear friend of mine from high school who I had not seen in 20 years.  It didn't take long before Sharon and I became friends.  Sharon is a stay at home Mom of six children.  Her blog Sharon Mom's Madhouse is about her life as a Mom and she is absolutely hilarious!  On her blog page as the Header it reads, "Mom's Madhouse ~ A Blog W/Sprinkles of Truth."  I highly recommend checking out her blog.  If you are a parent you will get a chuckle as you relate to the stories about her children and being a stay at home Mom.

Well ladies and gentlemen this is the end of Welcome to My Circus' Virtual Blog Tour.  I hope you found it entertaining.  Don't forget to wander around under the Big Top Tent and read some of my other blog posts.  Also, don't forget to visit Melissa, Morgan, and Sharon's blog next Monday, August 4, for the Virtual Blog Tour will be stopping there next.

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