Friday, July 25, 2014

~ We Finally Had Our Day In Court ~

We finally had our day in court yesterday for the parking ticket we received for parking in our driveway. As with everything else in my life it was like a three ring circus. Of course our court time was shared with a couple dozen other people. So, we had to patiently wait for the Judge to call upon us. However, it was interesting to hear the other cases.

Finally, it was our turn to plead our case. With pictures, measurements, etc. as evidence we approached the judges bench, as did the Glendale police officer who wrote the ticket. We made a pretty impressive argument backed up by the evidence we collected considering we are by no means close to being a attorneys.

Then the officer had his turn to respond to what we had just argued. Wouldn't you know it, he completely lied under oath. He stated that my truck was completely over the sidewalk and hanging out into the street. He also stated that he did not issue any other tickets to any other vehicles parked in their driveways that day. Try telling that to my neighbor that was ticketed on the same day but had to pay over $200 for a ticket that was originally only $32 after her day in court.

The justice system let us down yet again as we did not win our case, but on the bright side the ticket was reduced back down to the original $32. I guess the City of Glendale is finding ridiculous ways to ticket their residents in an effort to raise money for the Super Bowl to be hosted here in 2015. Glad to have been forced into contributing to that fund... yes that was sarcasm!

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