Tuesday, September 9, 2014

~ Silly Childhood Memories ~

Kelsey (left) & Brooklynn (right) 2011

A few days ago I stumbled upon two pictures from June 2011, which had been long forgotten about.  Each picture represents a funny story; one about my daughter, Brooklynn, the other about my youngest child, Kelsey.  I hope you giggle along with me as I share two, of hundreds if not millions of stories about my silly girls (above picture) and my crazy life!

~ Picture #1 ~ 

One summer morning, Kelsey and I woke up rather early to find Brooklynn sound asleep and snoring on the couch, with the TV still on from the night before, of course.  She must have heard us because as she opened her eyes she asked, "Mom, will you help me find the pretzels?" in a whinny, half asleep, and confused voice.  I walked over to her preparing myself for the "search" only to find the bag right beside her.  She thanked me and immediately began munching on the "found" pretzels.  I walked away and continued about my morning while thinking to myself crisis #1 adverted, but what an odd request this early in the morning.

A short while later Kelsey came running to me laughing so hard she could barely speak.  All I could make of what she was saying was, "...look at Brooklynn!"  I followed her as she rushed towards the living room.  One look at Brooklynn and I broke out into an uncontrollable laughter as I quickly captured the picture below.  Brooklynn had fallen back to sleep with a pretzel hanging out of her mouth.  Once I heard her snoring again I knew the girls were not playing one of their "pranks" on me this time.

Brooklynn sleeping with a pretzel in her mouth and, of course, her pillow pet!

Our laughter must have woke her up because all sleepy eyed, looking dazed, and sounding confused she asked, "What are you guys laughing at?"  Once I regained brief control of my laughter I was finally able to respond, "You!  We found you passed out with a pretzel hanging out of your mouth."  As I was getting the picture up on my cell phone screen for her to see, she lifted her head and the pretzel was now stuck to the side of her face.  That caused all three of us to erupt in laughter again.  I showed her the picture I had taken and she exclaimed, "MOM," while laughing even harder at herself along with Kelsey and I.  

~ Picture #2 ~ 

One Saturday, in the beginning of July 2011, Brooklynn, Kelsey, and I were wrapping up our weekly house cleaning routine.  I asked Brooklynn to take out the garbage and recycling then asked Kelsey to wrap up the vacuum cord and put it away for me.  I finished up in the kitchen and while on my way to clean my bathroom, I noticed the vacuum was still in the middle of the living room and Kelsey was planted on the couch watching TV, not really a big surprise she is a kid.  As I turned off the TV I said in a stern voice, "Kelsey Ann!  Didn't I ask you to put the vacuum away?"  I got a typical child's response when she said, "Oh yeah, I forgot."  (We will leave that response for another Blog.)

Just as I was putting away the bathroom cleaning supplies, Brooklynn came running into my bedroom.  Between her giggles she said, "Shhhhh!  Come look at what Kelsey did and bring your phone!"  We walked out to the living room together trying not to draw attention to ourselves. Then I saw it...the way Kelsey "wrapped" up the vacuum cord.  I immediately started to laugh hysterically at what she had done this time.  Realizing why Brooklynn told me to grab my phone, I snapped the picture below.

Kelsey's idea of wrapping up the vacuum cord!

I tried asking Kelsey without laughing, "What in the world did you do?" but could not control my laughter so I just pointed at the vacuum.  She looked at it, then at me and said, "What?!  You told me to wrap up the cord."  Brooklynn and I started laughing even harder at her response as she saw nothing wrong with what she did. As I attempted to compose myself from the laughter that consumed me, I unwrapped the cord.  It was not an easy task either, she had it all tied up in knots!  

I then proceeded to show her where you were supposed to wrap the cord and exactly how to do it.  Once I finished she realized how what she had done was not only crazy but really funny and began to laugh at herself.  "Well, how was I supposed to know that?"  she asked in between giggles.  I didn't bother going into the fact that she was the one who "unwrapped" it in the first place or the fact that she still had not put it away.

These and so many other stories are the reason I named my Blog, Welcome to my Circus but I wouldn't have it any other way.  If all of the bizarre, unimaginable, and silly things did not occur in my life I would not have great memories like the two above.  What a boring life that would be! Luckily, Brooklynn and Kelsey have my sense of humor along with a positive self-image because our bond definitely grows stronger every time we share moments like those above.  Ones where we can laugh at ourselves and at one another creating unforgettable memories of their childhood.

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