Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My “Blonde” Problems #3

Welcome to the third edition, a day late, of My “Blonde” Problems.  Now before you all start hating on me I must admit that I am a natural blonde.  I colored my hair black several years ago because I wanted to be taken more seriously.  As you can probably tell from that statement alone, as soon as I open my mouth to speak I tend to ruin the façade almost immediately! These problems that I speak of are the type of problems that only happen to me…or so it seems.  If you are a blonde too, you can probably agree.  Here is my latest “blonde” problem.

My “blonde” problem this week occurred during a visit to the local library.  I have been saying since I first moved into this house almost four years ago that I needed to get a library card because I am now in a different city.  So, last Monday my Mom and I decided to visit the library together.  Although it had been several years since either of us had been to a library she remembered everything!  For me it was a completely different story!

After being issued my library card I made my way over to the computerized catalog to search for books on the subjects that were of interest to me.  But every time I hit search the query would come back completely empty!  By this time my Mom was curious to see what was taking me so long and came over only to laugh at me.  As she shook her head at me almost in disbelief she quite frankly stated, “This isn’t Google Lysa, you have to search differently!”

She then began to spit out some suggestions to me which about pushed me over the edge as she was only further frustrating me.  But finally I was able to find one book for each of my categories and decided to just go from there.  Well, I had an even bigger problem now besides the blank search queries.  I couldn’t remember exactly what I needed from the computer screen to direct me towards the books.

Thankfully right then my Mom wandered back to check on me.  As I began to tell her all about my new dilemma she looked at me as if I was crazy.  Shaking her head yet again, she quietly just pointed out the call number to me.  With a giggle in my voice I exclaimed rather happily, “Oh yeah, I knew that…”  As she just glared at me I set off on my way to find me some books.

After all that just happened to me you would think she would have decided to join me.  But no, I was left to my own devices to hunt down the books written on my list.  An easy enough task or so I thought in the beginning that is.  I quickly found myself lost and walking around now in circles and there were people just staring at me.

Finally I had found the right area of books and quickly found the little signs to direct me exactly to where I needed to be.  After collecting all of the books I could possibly carry, I made my way over to the librarian’s desk only to be told as he pointed it was done in a self-checkout process.  Once it was my turn to begin the volunteer started talking to me.  So I pretended that I knew exactly what I was doing and to my surprise I somehow magically succeeded.  Now I was so ready to leave, except I had no clue as to where my Mom might be.

Thankfully, she quickly came to my rescue then I quickly made my escape.  And on our way to her van I half mumbled under my breathe, “No wonder why you don’t have to come back for three weeks.  It was so confusing that is has completely exhausted me!”  As my Mom looked at me again as if I were completely crazy a smirk emerged as she said in a matter of fact way, “And you wonder why Brooklynn is often rather dingy!”

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