Friday, November 14, 2014

~ Mom's Pet Peeve ~

It’s Friday and that means time for another Mommy Reality and this week is #23.  In the last challenge Jen and Celeste wanted to know what we ate for breakfast.  This time around they are asking us for our pet peeves.  I had to put some extra thought into this one for there are so many things that happen around here that annoy me to no end.  For instance, leaving clothes in the dryer after they are done drying, not shutting the cupboard doors after each use, messing up my organized cupboards and pantry, NEVER replacing the roll of toilet paper once it has reached the end, and the list goes on and on.  After further thought I realized my biggest pet peeve was when my scissors went missing on me!

You see, I have several pairs of scissors located strategically around the house as it seems as if I am needing a pair for one thing or another constantly.  But when the pair of scissors go MIA from the kitchen drawer I completely freak, as this occurs at least twice a week!

When I was looking for these to take a picture of them
 for this blog post wouldn't you know they weren't where
they were suppose to be!
I’m not quite sure why it bothers me so much but I blame it on my OCD, as does the rest of my family.  The question I wonder out loud as I begin my mad search is always, “How hard is it really to comprehend, everything has its place so put it back in that space?!?!”  Not really funny at all, I find I am rather irritated from just writing this post!

What are your pet peeves and why?


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