Saturday, November 29, 2014


With all of the different emotions running through me it was rather difficult to chose just one word. But as I pondered the subject and pinched myself, yet again, to ensure I wasn't dreaming the perfect word popped into my head. Finally, I was able to sum up my week with just one word. So without further ado my Word of the Week is: 

It all began with a blog post I wrote, To The Daughter I Wish I Knew...My Missing Child, that was published on November 17, her 18th birthday. With nothing more than a hope and a prayer that she would see it and actually take the time to read it. So to my delight and utter shock she responded to the post via a Facebook message the very next day. I was beyond ecstatic to say the least as tears of joy streamed down my face as I read the kind, loving, yet nervous, message she had written just for me.

I, just as nervously, responded almost immediately...I had to let the shock wear off before I was finally able to breathe again normally. We have talked to one another every day since which truly is just a dream come true for me. I have learned that she not only looks exactly like me but that we are so very similar in personality as well. So each time we chat I find myself pinching myself as it is still so hard to believe. We have even agreed to meet in person in the very near future.

Then like another dream come true I was able to replace my broken cell phone, FINALLY after months, for a new, more technologically advanced phone. Even if I still am not sure how to completely use the dang thing. It is an HTC Desire 510 and it is so fast compared to my old phone which was a complete shock to me not to mention I love it even more than the HTC One I had a few years ago, which happened to be my favorite phone like EVER! Give me a few more days to a week of constantly, and I'm not exaggerating, playing with it and I'll be an expert! hahaha

I couldn't take a pic of my phone with my phone so here's a pic of the box.

After not having a phone that I could talk on for awhile I was able to talk to my Dad again on Thanksgiving and all the love, concern, and good wishes he has for me is like another dream come true. He is everything I remember as a young child and I couldn't be happier to have him and my Step-Mom, Cindy, in my life. She is such a wonderful lady and we have quickly become friends!

Last, but definitely not least, was our Thanksgiving feast. It was the best Thanksgiving we have had in years with two exceptions. (Only those who know me well will completely understand.) The day was spent with my immediate family and was filled with so much love and laughter that Kenny and I left not just full from the food. A big thank you to my baby sister, Melissa, for hosting it again this year! Also, to my brother-in-law, Frank, for cooking the turkey and a ham just for me! ;-) Below are a few of my favorite shots from the day. Hope you all had a great Turkey day too! 

My brother, Ray; my sister, Melissa; and Me!

My sister, Melissa; Me; and my sister-in-law, Lindsay!

My sister and I!

My immediate family minus two!

As a tradition we always take a silly family pic after the serious
one because after all life is too short to be serious all of the time!

My beautiful Swedish niece, Signe, by way of foreign exchange student and Me! xoxo

That is about it for my week. How was your week? What word would you chose for your Word of the Week? 

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