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What Mom Needs For Christmas! Mommy Reality #24

It's that time again for the bi-weekly Mommy Reality Challenge.  Before we get to the theme for this Mommy Reality I want to thank JenCeleste, and Amber, the awesome hosts for the last Mommy Reality Challenge #23 Mom's Pet Peeve, because YAY ME I won!  Not only was I awarded the fabulous meme below but I have been asked to co-host the next challenge with the lovely Jen and Celeste. I must say that I am honored and super, duper excited to be co-hosting with them in a few weeks!

Meme courtesy of the Mommy Reality Gals!

Now for this challenge we were asked to share what we want need for Christmas this year. As a teen Celeste, as well as myself, always saw ads like those below around this time of year and thought we would rather die than get something like that for Christmas.  We both thought, "That will NEVER be me!" Well, now that we are all grown up what we swore would never be has become our mommy pun intended! 

I even remember feeling sorry for my Mom when she would receive a household appliance or gadget for Christmas.  Daddy would always get her, as he still does today, a nice piece of jewelry as well but I always thought to myself, "Like she really wanted a new iron, toaster, etc. for Christmas!" Well, for the first time in my adult life I truly understand that she did indeed want those items out of need.

For now here I am with a garage door opener that makes a horrific noise, sounding a bit like something or someone is dying every time it opens or shuts that I am sure my parents can hear it from two blocks away.  Not to mention all of the makeshift repairs that have left wires hanging from it over the years leaving it an ugly sight to see.

A doorbell that works only when and if it wants to and we can NEVER hear it from the back of the house. Everyone who knows us well, knows to call or text when they get here or we may never know they are outside.

A dishwasher that will only drain on even numbered days...or is it odd numbered days...I'm not really sure anymore but it acts up just the same!

A vehicle which is in desperate need of mechanical repair for not only have we tried to fix it but so have all of our family and friends. It will not pass emissions for it to be re-tagged. Fortunately, that is my parents Christmas present to my hubby and I. Can't wait for Monday when we finally take her into the shop!

My poor baby truck that I love so very much!
And, if luxury were an option this year a new shower head it would definitely be. Despiste soaking the darn thing in every cleaning solution ever made there are only a few holes that actually spray out frustrating on a very cold day!

I miss the nice massage full stream on these cold winter days.
But despite all I have said above, NO those are not the things on my Christmas wish need list, however there is still hope as my birthday is only a few weeks after Christmas. Something that has always sucked for me! What I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED is a new clothes dryer.

It turns out that the dryer not drying my clothes for an entire day wasn't a "Blonde" Problem after all...the dang thing just decided one day to quit heating up after we had just dried a load of clothes. We thought it was just me forgetting to turn it on and then my husband pointed out it was on the wrong cycle but nope...I had to hang everything around the house to dry. So, with dirty clothes quickly piling up around here as we continue to hang the clothes about the house to dry, all I want need for Christmas this year is not my two front teeth but a new or at this point even used clothes dryer just for me!

What do you want need for Christmas this year? Is it some fancy luxury or are you pathetically wanting household things just like me?

Click on the Mommy Reality Badge below to see all of the other Christmas needs and while you are there join us in all the fun as we laugh at ourselves and one another for this truly is reality!

****Update since originally publishing this post****
11/30/14 @ Midnight ~ I have an update since I posted this several hours ago...thanks to my very good friend and neighbor, Laura, we now have a new yet used clothes dryer. (See Picture Below) It just so happens she read my blog post right after I published it and they just had a new washer and dryer set delivered today. What great luck and an even greater friend! So I guess my new want need for Christmas would be that shower head afterall! Check out the picture below to see the one I picked out. Yay Me!, I just might get luxury!

So the above picture is what Mommy wants needs for Christmas this year! Boy how a lot can change in a blink of an eye around here. I am so very thankful for that this week! ;-)


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