Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Tribute to My Favorite Son…He Believed Me For Years Until One Day He Realized He Was My Only Son!

He will be turning 25 on February 22, so there are a few gems I asked his permission to share to honor his birthday month.

The Attack of the Echo

One afternoon I was talking with a friend on the phone when my three year old son began following me around repeating me word for word.  I played the game for a few minutes looking all around trying to find what was repeating me.  I finally told my friend on the phone, loud enough for Dustin to hear me, “I think there is an echo in this room.” 
He ran from where he was hiding with the most terrified look on his face and he was shaking because he was so afraid.  As he grabbed my leg he asked between tears, “Where Mommy where?”
I tried my best not to laugh but the giggles set in.  Finally after a few seconds, I was able to compose myself and held him in my arms consoling him.  Explaining that an echo was not a scary monster was no easy task.  He was only 3 and no matter how hard I tried to explain it away he cried harder; so to calm him down the first ever “monster spray” was born.  It was just a squirt bottle with water but he felt safer and I called Grannie Jane to ask how to explain an echo to him…thankfully she had just the thing at her house to show him what an echo was and we survived the attack of the Echo.

©2014 Lysa Wilds