Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is Today Over Yet?

From the moment the alarm went off at 5:30 am and I opened my eyes I knew it was going to be one of those days.  I forced myself to get out of bed and stumbled into Brooklynn’s room to wake her up then quickly crawled back into my cozy bed.  I must have fallen back asleep because an hour later the alarm for Kelsey was blaring in my ears.

Again, I climbed out of bed, woke Kenny up, then I found my way into Kelsey’s room.  On the way back to my room I suddenly realized Brooklynn never woke up!  Of course not, despite her new fancy alarm clock I’m her snooze button ever morning!  After waking Brooklynn up for the second time I made my way back to my room. 

As I was getting dressed Brooklynn yelled, “Open the garage door.”

“Just a second I’m getting dressed,” was my reply.

“I’m going to miss my bus!” Brooklynn screamed

I yelled back, “Whose fault is that?”

“Yours if you don’t open the garage door!”  She yelled without even pausing.   I could feel my blood pressure going sky high so I took a deep breath and talked myself into not leaving the room to confront her and quickly opened the garage door for her before I completely lost my temper.

That was just the first five minutes of my morning right after waking up.  Unfortunately, I was right; it was going to be one of those days.  My day progressively got worse with a three hour stint in traffic court with my fiancĂ© Kenny, followed by a really bad doctor’s appointment that included non-stop whining phone calls from both girls and then a few more hours of errands with absolutely nothing going right.  Then FINALLY at last we were home after 10 hours of this insanity!

Almost immediately things began to slowly fall back into rhythm and the stress of the day faded into the background.  We had been relaxing for two hours when we realized the girls would be home from church in another hour…at least we still had an hour of peace and quiet before chaos returned yet again.  That’s when I asked myself, “Is today over yet?”

They say home is where the heart is but yesterday I learned that home is where my sanity lies!  I told you my life was a circus! 

©2014 Lysa Wilds