Thursday, February 13, 2014

A puppy or a baby at 42...


       NEITHER is what I should have said!

          With our wedding now only 72 days away of course the discussion of a baby came up.  If I could still have a baby I would have seriously considered it.  Thankfully I had a hysterectomy 12 years ago.  We were both SERIOUSLY talking about this...I have a 4 year old grandson and he has 4 grand kids.  My oldest is almost 25 years old and my youngest is 12, his oldest is 24 and his youngest 21…what were we thinking?!?!?
          The next logical thing to discuss was getting a puppy to keep our Bull Terrier, Torque, company.  We felt he was lonely being the only dog living with a cat he's afraid of.  We never really agreed on what type of puppy but definitely wanted another guard dog.  
          Kenny mentioned a Pit Bull puppy his friend at work had.  I told him how I love Pit Bulls and thought that would be a great idea. Little did I know he meant like right away.  He left for work one morning and then a short time later came back with the sweetest baby dog I've ever seen in my life; a beautiful Blue Nose Pit Bull puppy.  I already had a name for her Delilah Rose. I set her down on my bed and laid down just staring in disbelief and Kenny went back to work.
          He left me all alone with this baby that I had no idea what to do with.  Did he really just walk back out the door???  I quickly began to panic, as I do so very well with my imagination running wild again.  I calmed down for a brief second when Google popped into my mind.  I asked Google how to take care of a 6 week old puppy.  It was a good thing I did because it had been more than 14 years since I raised a puppy; longer than a few months that is. Oh man, I had no clue what I was just thrown into all alone and disabled. 
          I was terrified to fall back asleep afraid of rolling on top of the puppy then panic set in again...I had an appointment I had to go to! What the heck am I suppose to do with this little baby dog now?????  Talking to Torque the whole time; I placed her on the love seat with pillows all around her and told Torque he was the babysitter and needed to stay out on the couch with her.  As if he knew what I was saying he lay down on the couch and watched the puppy.  I left and came back about five times but the puppy slept and Torque stayed watching over her.  So after my tests I finally left.
          I was a nervous wreck the entire time I was gone so finally the appointment was over and I raced home.  I was envisioning the couches being torn up and the cat hurting both dogs and worse Torque eating the puppy.  I’m telling you my imagination is NOT a fun place to be.  I ran those who know me know I can’t run, but I ran the best I could into the living room to find Torque cuddled up with the puppy and the cat hiding because he didn't know what the puppy was. Whew…my babies with fur were OK.
          I left them on the couch and read more internet articles on what to do with a puppy then I called my dear friend Angie.  After all, Angie is the “Dog Pro” in my eyes.  Living just a few blocks away she came over to see my new baby and looked her over and calmed my spastic butt down. 
          In the first week I had her kennel trained, somewhat house broken, and she knew her name by day 3 and looks into my eyes when I call her name, oh and she knows my whistle and comes running.  It’s amazing she’s been here a little over a month and she listens pretty well.  Every once in awhile I have to stop her from chewing things but she happily will exchange it for one of her toys.   She doesn't even have to sleep in the crate most nights she cuddles up with Torque.  Walking on a leash is another story but we’ll get there.
          Back to what I asked earlier A Puppy or A Baby at 42?  I think the baby would have been easier because it wouldn't be walking for a year and I could fall back to sleep breast feeding, etc. But I’m perfectly content raising my perfect little baby girl with fur.  Besides, kids grow up into teenagers and puppies grow up into dogs that love unconditionally not just when they want or need something.

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